Ride Safe, Have Fun!

The safety of our Hawks Family goes hand in hand with our motto of Fun, Family and Friendship. We are proud to have the safest Motorcycle Club in the MENA region.

And as much as we try our best to ensure 


Road Marshals


We have professional level trained Road Safety Marshals who work along side local law enforcement to ensure the safety of our groups in each chapter.

Our Marshals go through an extensive training programme which comprises of Yard Training, Road Training, Bike Handling and Emergency Situational Training. 

Members of our Marshals are complete First Aid training and some have extensive mechanical knowledge to assist you in a break down or in an emergency situation. 

In additional to this impressive skill set, most importantly, our Marshals are on of you, an approachable, friendly and humble Hawks Family member who volunteers to give their time to help provide you with an additional level of safety whilst you ride. 

To find our more, please connect with your Head Road Marshal in your local chapter. 


Road Safety


When you join a Hawks Ride you will immediately see the levels of care an attention we take for each trip. 

You will be met by one of the Road Marshal's, Our Head Road Marshal or our Safety Officer, who will understand your riding history and brief you individually of our safety guidelines during rides. At the start of every ride, we have a detailed safety briefing with safety tips and a visual demonstration from our Safety Officer and Road Marshal's. 

You will be guided by our Head Road Captain through some exhilarating routes, accompanied by an added level of safety by our Road Marshals. 

Kindly note as much as we as a club do our level best for your safety, your safety is ultimately your own responsibility. We will only ride with full safety gear (weather permitting) with mandatory, certified ECE/DOT helmets, riding shoes and riding gloves. We will kindly ask you to join us at the destination by other means or to join us next time if you unfortunately are missing any mandatory items. 

We regularly hold free safety skills sessions which are for all skill levels and all riding abilities. Sessions are FREE for active members. 

As our Hawks Family, we would like you to be as safe as possible so that you can thoroughly enjoy your rides. 

Please join us to find out more.