How often does Hawks MC meet?

Hawks MC Chapters usually meet twice per week on a Tuesday evening and a Friday morning. There may be occasions such as Ramadan where an additional ride might be added. 

Please check the individual chapter pages for more information. 

How do I join a meeting for the first time?

We love to meet any passionate riders who love an adventure and meeting new people. We have a heavy social media presence, so please check out your closest chapter. If you would like to contact someone directly, please check out the chat box below or click here to contact your local Chapter. 

We are excited to meet you and are sure you will want to become a member. 

Do I have to be a member to participate?

Initially you don't need to become a member to join our weekly rides, so come along and meet the Hawks Family. After you've attended a few times our chapter's membership officer will approach you regarding becoming a full time member.

If you are already sure that you want to join us, please click here and complete the membership application, a local chapters membership officer will be in touch. We are sure you won't regret it. 

Do I need to have a motorcycle license to participate?

As a club we fully comply with the laws of each country that we are in and have a great relationship with the local authorities. So to comply, you need to have a valid Motorcycle Licence that permits you to ride in the country of the chapter you will join. 

If you are a visitor and are renting a bike to join, your International Motorcycle Licence will need to be locally accepted by government in the country of the chapter you will ride with.* 

If you would just like to relax as a pillion and don't have a licence, you are also welcome. Please contact your local chapter to make the arrangements.**

Will I be safe?

Hawks MC prides itself on being one of the safest MC's on the road and has a fully trained road safety team to support the rides. HOWEVER, riding your motorcycle and the safety of yourself and your passenger is solely your responsibility. 

Please attend the rides early enough to hear our safety briefing and ensure that you are wearing regulated safety gear, including a DOT/ECE helmet, safety boots and gloves.

Your safety is our highest priority, anyone found not to be in compliance will be politely asked to join as a pillion or return for the next ride. 


*Hawks MC accepts no responsibility for anyone found without a valid motorcycle licence and if you are found to be without one, for the safety of the club and in compliance with local laws, you will be politely asked to leave the ride. 

**Hawks MC accepts no liability for injuries sustained during a ride. When joining as a pillion (passenger) you accept full responsibility for any injuries or loss of possessions sustained.