Founded in 2016 by a group of passionate bikers who have shared a common love and passion for motorcycles and seasoned experiences in running and managing HOG chapters and other MCs since 2004. We believe in inclusion, unity and comradery which are the foundations of this club and the strength of this Family. 


Through the vision of our group’s Board of Directors, the supervision and hard work of our Chapter's Committees, the protection and precision of our Road Marshals, the commitment and support of all our members, and finally the brotherhood with other fellow MCs, we have grown to become one of the largest Motorcycle Clubs in the Middle East with over 430 active members. In addition to several upcoming Chapters in Europe, North America and Africa.


Like the UAE, we strongly believe in diversity and inclusion, having members from over 47 different nationalities. We have strong ties to our community and believe in paying back with what we can to the society. We contribute through our involvement in various charity works, communal support activities, rides for causes and a deep respect for country.


Our love and passion for riding never stops; no Sun, no Rain or no Sandstorms can stop us. Our signature rides run throughout the year with 104 rides a year, 2 rides a week. We enjoy other Family activities, long distance rides, weekend away trips, and many more weekly and yearly special rides that just bring our Family together both in the UAE and across the region.


As we strongly believe in our Family’s safety, we have one of the strongest Road Marshalling teams that not only ensure the safety of our Family while riding, but extend our support by Marshalling other regional events and parades. We are proud to marshal side by side with Dubai Police on many major parades throughout the past 5 years. We also ensure our Family’s safety through conducting several training programs for our members and other brotherly clubs to ensure that every member of the motorcycling community is competent in basic and advanced riding skills. 


We abide by the UAE rules and live up to our Bikers’ code. Our passion is riding, our belief is serving our community, our unity is Family, our respect is brotherhood.


#HawksandProud #HawksEverywhere 


Our Chapters:

Dubai Chapter 

Abu Dhabi Chapter

Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) Chapter

Denmark Chapter

Germany Chapter

Lebanon Chapter

Morocco Chapter

South Africa Chapter

Ukraine Chapter

USA Chapter

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